We Can’t Afford Clean Water for Flint, but Israel Demands $50 Billion from Taxpayers

Nathan Wellman – usuncut.com

Republicans have famously shot down all attempts from Democrats to send relief to the people of Flint, Michigan. Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn (R-Texas) coyly quipped that Democrats shouldn’t “put the cart ahead of the horse,” perfectly content to allow “local and state government (to) address what is a local and state problem.”

The word “problem” here being defined as an entire city of low-income people without fresh water trying to care for their poisoned children .

Which desperately begs the question: If our budget is so disastrous that we can’t even give 400 million dollars to help our own citizens through the worst public health crisis in recent history, why did we hand out $30 billion over the last ten years to Israel, a country that, according to Amnesty International “perpetuates the most protracted military occupation in modern history, committing countless acts of human rights violations against the Palestinians?”

Even worse: Israel has demanded that the US actually increase their budget to $50 billion. Rather than laughing them out of D.C., American officials have entered into negotiations with the Israelis. So far Israel is insisting that “the increase the Americans are offering is not enough.”

So what is it about this foreign country that’s more valuable to Washington officials than their own citizens? Well, unlike the people of Flint, pro-Israel billionaires donate millions of dollars to US political campaigns every election.

The rabidly pro-Israel billionaire Sheldon Edelson, for example, spent tens of millions of dollars on Mitt Romney’s campaign because he felt President Obama was too “soft” when it came to helping Israel.

When asked about Flint, Marco Rubio said “I believe the federal government’s role in some of these things [is] largely limited unless it involves a federal jurisdictional issue.” Regarding Israel support, however, he adamantly maintains that “This is not a real estate deal with two sides arguing over money. It’s a struggle to safeguard the future of Israel.”

Rubio’s largest donor is billionaire Norman Braman, who has donated an estimated $10-25 million to his campaign. Barman is so militantly pro-Israel he has funded his own Israeli settlement in Occupied Palestine, even though settlements are illegal under international law.

Maybe if the people of Flint, Michigan can throw together a quick $20 million donation, somebody in Washington might finally take an interest.